Satan = The Accuser = The Deceiver = The Destroyer

Satan = The Accuser = The Deceiver

Let me first start with the word Satan. I really don’t know what Satan is. Some people imagine Satan as an entity because it just helps form a picture in their mind; nothing wrong with that. That I consider a non issue. What is an issue is our pride that prevents us from realizing that there are things WE DON’T KNOW. On that note: I once knew a man who claimed to be The Son of Satan and there was much he wanted to tell me, but wasn’t allowed to. Click on the Son of Satan if you might be interested in that story. According to my interpretation of scripture, Satan is the brother of Jesus. Now this has upset some people, ya whatever. You have to understand, scripture is literature. Literature is art. Art is never intended to be taken literally, but always has a deeper meaning that is difficult to express in words. Click on Satan is the brother of Jesus to read that.

Satan is called the Accuser, Satan is also called the Deceiver. They equal each other and also work together to accomplish the same goal. It’s important that we understand this. It works like this. In some places Satan is called the Destroyer. Let me give you an example of how this works. You can take anybody. People on the Internet are even doing this with Jesus who taught us to love and forgive one another. I won’t try to explain that here, but you should ask why that is. It is always important to ask why. Children always ask why, and we should too, always. Again, you can take anybody, the most righteous and good person you can think of, put them on a stage, search out all their faults and point them out to everyone. You will succeed. People will applaud you, and think evil of this person they believed in. You have now changed their perception of that person, in other words, you have deceived them. You have destroyed the good belief they have had. I once worked for a Chief in the Navy. Chief Perry was his name. I didn’t appreciate his wisdom at the time, but as the years have gone by, I have often thought back to things he had told me. Stupid people he says will nitpick on technicalities finding faults in things so that they will look intelligent. Trust me, it is sadly so successful. Anyways, I encourage you to look around you, on TV, the Internet, radio, school, work. When you talk to your friends, what do you talk about, other people. Really, this goes on everywhere, and this is the work of Satan. There is even a whisper in our ear pointing out our faults, encouraging us to believe we are imperfect, inferior, less than, nobody likes us. We’re fat, we’re skinny, short, tall etc, etc. You blame society, we are society and we are the ones doing this, or are we? Again, always ask why. Why aren’t we telling ourself we are beautiful, loved, have many friends, etc., etc. Why are so many of us knocking ourself and each other down at every opportunity. Why do we have to stop and take the time and make the effort to tell our self we are beautiful, we are smart, etc., etc. Because something works against us always, and this something is Satan, however you like to picture this in your mind.

I could say so much more and had intended too, but some would be offended, that is not my purpose. So you take this little bit and run with it, many things will become clearer. But I leave this one verse for you:

From the 4th Chapter of the Gospel of Matthew –  Again, the devil took Him to a very high mountain and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory;and he said to Him, “All these things I will give You, if You fall down and worship me.”

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