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9-ll Truth

9-11 TRUTH


If Jesus teaches us to love our enemies and you love your enemies, do you have faith?
If you say Jesus died for your sins and you don’t love your enemies, do you have faith?


MRA Reaching Out To Feminism

I have decided that this woman is my MRA mentor. She helps me feel good about me aside from all the hate because I was born a white male and I’m supposed to feel guilty for being me. (Because I’m of the same race and gender of those who enslaved blacks, killed indians and rape women), Anyways. She wants to talk to good feminists and I surprisingly have a lot of feminist followers, so if you see this and you are so inclined, please give this lady a chat. #yesallpeople #yesallwomen #killallmen #feminism #mra

I attended the United Nations Oklahoma Chapter, Spring Luncheon

Today I attended the United Nations Oklahoma Chapter, Spring Luncheon. I sat between Liz and Ted, that way Liz and Ted could not flirt with each other, because Ted is a married man, so I felt I was there for a reason.

Ted could teach me a thing or two as he is a gardener and I’m not having any luck gardening where I’m at. Liz is a member of the Peace Corps and goes to Africa for six months every year, so I was in good company.

The United Nation Oklahoma Chapter, Spring Luncheon was held in Oklahoma as it always is. In Oklahoma City at the Raindrop Turkish House. We were served some Turkish food. Soup, bread covered stuff, lettuce, rice and other stuff I don’t know what it was, but it was real good and I ate every bit of it.

A group was invited to open up a can of worms. The Who is shooting at life? Oh vaccines. I’ve been told vaccines can kill you, and I can believe that because I’ve gotten over a hundred of them while in the Navy, so I hate vaccines. We always had to get some kind of shot before we went ashore. I haven’t died, but everybody knows I’m crazy, so I can believe it. They confessed that some vaccines contain a preservative and that this preservative contained mercury. But they explained that this was not the same kind of mercury you get from fish, coal powered power plants or energy saving light bulbs. This is a kind of mercury they explained that does not build up in the body and stored their to make you sick and that there was rigorous testing proving there was no evidence that these vaccines cause Autism.

Mothers would walk for miles to get their children vaccinated so that they wouldn’t get sick. These vaccines prevented sickness and death and that every mother has a right to decide whether or not to have their children vaccinated. They should not be prevented from having their children vaccinated for their protection due to rumors. I have to agree, mothers have an instinct, a powerful instinct that drives them to walk for miles for their children. Science is not always right and sometimes the numbers are fudged but rumors aren’t always trustworthy, so lets put some faith in the instincts of mothers.

Sometimes things don’t work the way we hoped and we become angry and frustrated and want to blame something. On February 15, 2003 the whole world had the largest peace protest ever in the history of the world I am told and sadly, we are still at war. Those protesters must have done something wrong because they failed. Nobody believes that, that would be ridiculous. So why is it that when The United Nations fails to create world peace we blame them?

Good intentions should always be judged as good whether or not they are successful or not, because they are not bad intentions which always leads to something terrible.

Just because someone has a different idea about how to achieve world peace than you do does not mean that they are doing something wrong.

What I’m trying to say is. We need to always remember to judge the bad people for being bad rather than the good people who are trying to do good in this world. We all need each other to change this world. We need to support one another and not knock each other down.

I would also like to add that yes, someone complimented me on my sideburns. Why can’t people just see me for me, why do they only notice me for my sideburns. Oh well, it happens. Some things you just have to tolerate.

How To Know the Truth


Poem of the day – Look for a reflection

Look for a reflection

a bird will crash into the glass
you will look and laugh
and you might not see the crack
you might trip up
and you might fall back
maybe you will look back
see you’ve fallen off the track
wipe the gravel off your face
get up and jump in place

one day your standing tall
next day you fall
all your friends call your name
and then they’re shaking their finger
saying you’re to blame

don’t waste your time with shame
there is no need for blame
just know to watch for a reflection
and get back into the game

By: Roger Harkness
Oct 9, 2011

Self Sufficient

My Chickens and garden update

I didn’t smile because I thought we were just taking pictures of the chickens, but that’s the way I look naturally, people have always believed that I’m upset about something, but no, that’s just me when I’m not smiling.


The fence ain’t to cool, but I just bought some material to improve on that.  I live in Oklahoma City and I don’t know if we’re allowed to have chickens, didn’t ask.  if people can have dogs and cats, then I can have chickens, and neither one of these are roosters, so they won’t crow.


My sister has a chicken who just has to roost, and the result is that she has lots of chicks, so to help with the overcrowding, I volunteered to take a few and as an experiment to see if the neighbors will complain and if or not I will be forced to get rid of them.


I think everyone should try to have chickens and gardens if they can.  Perchance our grocery stores will not always be fully stocked at affordable prices all year around as they have been in the past.  Large portions of the worlds population is going hungry because their food is in our grocery store, a fact you may not have thought of or realized, but I’m telling you now.  So we need to try to be a little considerate and attempt to be self sufficient, honestly, I’m not doing to good at it, but it’s a start, it will take time.


The chicken coop looks really cool, I didn’t make it.  My sister paid a lot of money for it when she decided to get chickens and was disappointed it was so small.  She now has a big chicken coop and used this for the chicks.  A big storm came about a month ago with 96 mile an hour winds and picked up this little coop and slammed it up against a tree.  So i bought the pieces from my sister and put it back together again.


My soil is the worst soil I have seen in my life. I don’t know if past residents sprayed a bunch of chemicals or what.  I have planted watermelon, both times they have died.  I planted pumpkin and that looked promising, but they just died.  The Peas grew, we got a handful before they died, threw it in a salad and they tasted awful.  The potatoes which I planted three times appear to be ready to dig up, tomorrow I’ll see if I got one or two.  I planted strawberries last year, they died. Tomatoes are growing, I believe that is because I panted them in the same soil I bought them in, and I cheated, I bought fertilizer for them.  I have seen a few green tomatoes, but they seem to disappear, I don’t know if something is eating them.  My wife planted carrots, lettuce tomatoes radishes, some of it started to grow, but it all died.  So if it wasn’t for grocery stores, we’d be starving.


I have started a compost pile, that and the chickens.  It was a very hot and dry summer.  Next year it will be cooler, turn in some of that mulch, it will get better.


Tell The Truth: War is For Profit, Not Democracy

Minister Peacefulpoet

Concerning war, there is no honor in standing idly by while your family
is being run threw by sword, however, you are not a hero if you go to a
foreign land to risk your life by taking others lives for another man’s cause,
that is the definition of a mercenary.

Minister Peacefulpoet I do understand that war is glorified in video games and tv and for the real truth you have to search, while the media parades seens of freedom fighters for the American cause. Young people, who are not able to find a good job or unable to pay for their education might take a chance and get lucky and never be in a situation where they must kill or be killed. But there comes a time when you wake up and realize you’ve been lied to and at that time, you have a choice to make. It isn’t an easy choice to make, because either direction is trouble for you. I judge no one who might make the wrong choice. But I make my statement above because it’s time we stop pretending. The game once was a strong defense prevents wars. I was a part of that game for 14 years and proud of it. I thought we learned our lesson after Vietnam. I’m sure there are many like myself who believed that. But apparently, the powers that be where only regrouping and getting ready, having learned that if you can sway public opinion, you can do anything. If you make the right investments and create a war, you would have a windfall. If you can sway public opinion to your side, you could be king of the hill, and that’s what they’ve done. So now, here is the new game plan, start wars and make big profits. Think about this, when do you remember America starting a war? We joined wars, and that was profitable, so imagine the profits if you start a war. This is really the truth. We need to admit this and tell it for what it is. Our soldiers are not fighting for freedom or America, but profit. You let anyone tell you different, and you’re letting them lie to you, and more than that, you are an enabler to that lie. That lie gets people KILLED or messes up their whole life. This lie has got to stop now.

Where is the media getting it’s bailout from?

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